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About Lee Anderson

Corporately, my career was focused on Human Resources Management in financial services (chartered accounting, retail banking and general insurance):  unionized and non-union workplaces;  corporate and regional offices;  in Ontario and British Columbia. Having worked for several Employers of Choice, I’m well versed in global best practices.

As a sole practitioner since 2000,  I partner with individuals as well as small to medium businesses (under 500 employees) and not for profit agencies interested in social enterprise.

Well connected through an extensive network of professional and personal contacts, I can help you overcome your fear of networking and/or link you with a wide range of resources you may not have considered.

A life-long learner, I’m:  a graduate of WLU;  a certified practitioner for the Pathfinder Career System;  an ongoing student of coaching techniques (e.g. the Gestalt Institute of Toronto);  a voracious reader and an information junkie.

An active community volunteer, I’ve showcased my favourite causes under Community.

As a Lamaze trained Doula, I’m committed to coaching working parents achieve a practical degree of work-life balance as they juggle family, work, life-long learning and community involvement.

As a recreational rower, I’ve discovered it’s impossible for 8 people sitting backward in a 65’ boat, each with a single 12’ blade, to move forward in sync without putting aside egos, communicating clearly and pulling together!