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I offer services to 2 main groups of clients:

Individuals        Organizations


High school students

  • Are you age 16+ and needing advice as you:  choose courses to position yourself for your best fit college or university program…or consider a victory lap (to upgrade marks) or gap year (to travel) before undertaking post secondary schooling?

College and university students

  • Are you looking for help drafting search strategies as you evaluate the pros and cons of “jobs” vs. “career paths” post graduation?

Mid career employees

  • Are you  employed but looking for more purpose in the work you do?

Later career employees

  • Are you needing or wanting to work beyond the traditional retirement age but ready to try something new and more meaningful?

Women Lawyers and Paralegals

  • The Law Society champions a Career Program, for which I am a coach.  Please ask me about the details or check out www.lsuc.on.ca then click Career Coaching Programs.


Small to medium businesses with under 500 employees

  • In start up mode
  • In transition (pre- or post- merger/acquisition)
  • Experiencing sustained growth
  • Re-structuring
  • Under intense public scrutiny

Not for profit agencies interested in social enterprise, e.g.

  • Community Mental Health
  • Developmental Services
  • Health Care including Breast Cancer, Children’s Health, Long Term Care
  • Orchestras
  • Professional Associations
  • Women’s Services